Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +121

We just returned from the fourth and final night of a four-day "mission" at Sacred Heart Church. Called The Healing Presence of the Holy Spirit Mission, it included a "hands-on" healing session on the last two nights. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity. I'm willing to open as many gates, doors, and windows as possible to let God's healing power into my life. It was a rewarding and comforting experience. It also kept me from a couple of my usual writing sessions, hence the sporadic journal updates this week.

Ah, Thursday...

Tomorrow morning is blood test morning again. I go to Portage Health and have blood samples drawn in the lab. Some go to Mayo Clinic in a "kit" I received from the clinic and other tests are done on-site. Last week, my numbers looked good. I'm hoping that this week, they look even better. I continue with my protocols and safety procedures, medications and supplements, glucose testing and insulin shots.

My blood sugar has been consistently low for the past week or two, so they reduced my insulin injection to 10 units in the morning. Today's readings were still below 100, and remains a bit low. I think it might be because my doctor reduced my prednisone dosage from 5MG daily to 2.5MG daily.


I have only 5MG prednisone tablets, so I have use a pill splitter to cut the pills in half. They are so tiny already that it is not working out so well. I end up with a half a tablet and some shattered fragments. Today, I took the shattered fragments. Tomorrow I take the half a tablet. I'm hoping it will work out.


This rain has kept me indoors as much as the very sunny days kept me inside. I actually like walking in the rain, but not when the temperatures are at 50 degrees and the winds are gusting to 15-20 MPH. An umbrella does no good at all, unless simulated para-sailing is what you have in mind. I cannot risk catching a chill.

However, I have kept up some exercise. Ours in a old house, and although all the bedrooms are on the second floor, the bathroom is on the first floor. This means I must walk down and up the stairs with each nature call in the wee hours of the morning. So, I still get some stair climbing exercise each day. I also walked a mile yesterday...home from dropping off our car to get some new tires put on it. We must go back to Rochester on July 6, and I do not want to travel with snow tires on the front wheels and bald all-weather radials on the back.

The intrepid walkers will be back on the street (or sidewalks, where they exist) for regular walks very soon. We have begun to settle back in to our lives here at home, and it feels wonderful. Even better is finally remembering where things go and where I put them.

As always, I thank you all for the wonderful "welcome back" greetings and messages. Your prayers and good thoughts for us are strength and hope in the dark hours, when frustration and uncertainty threaten. Thank you all.

God bless and good night,


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