Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +103

Not the forest primeval, but shady...
The intrepid walkers meandered on down to the world's slowest pharmacy this morning, after a leisurely breakfast. My doctor called in a prescription for fluticasone (flonase) yesterday, and we expected to pick it up. However, it was cancelled by my insurance as having been already filled. Apparently, the set up for mail order meds processed faster than we thought. They offered to let me purchase it for the full cost, but $65 plus is a bit much for a nasal spray. 

I'm hoping I can manage without the flonase for another six days, until I get home and (hopefully) my medications are waiting for me. (Sniff, sniff...)

The weather here is sultry, currently 88 degrees, sunny, and very humid. I cannot spend much time in the sun, so we try to find paths with lots of shade from buildings and trees for our daily walks. I wear plenty of sunscreen, a mask, dark glasses, and a large floppy hat. With my rolling bear gait, even in this town I stand out a bit.

Unusual dreams

Along Cascade Creek
At home, I have walked through the Estevant Pines, an original growth forest, and swear I am being watched and surrounded by whispers just out of my hearing range. The place just feels so alive and ancient at the same time, it never fails to touch my soul.

I wrote a poem about the dream. Green Dream is on my poetry blog: Out of My Mind, brand new and just posted. 

It is very late, twilight has long ago transitioned into night. I want to thank you all for your communications, prayers, and good thoughts. We hope to head for home on June 10, if all goes well.

God bless and good night,


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