Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +101

The intrepid walkers walked at 5:30 AM, just as it was beginning to rain this morning. So, we scurried to the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, about three blocks from the transplant house, and connected with the subway system -- to walk underground all the way to Charleton Lab A. We had umbrellas, but the wind was freshening and we did not wish to arrive late. We returned by the same route.

Intrepid Walker at the Mural
A couple of hours later, our second sojourn to Rochester Methodist was under sunny skies and much warmer temperatures. Although it was supposed to reach 90 degrees today, I don't believe it ever much exceeded 80. We met with our pharmacy coordinator, who is helping us set up mail order deliver of most of my 16 medications. We met with the transplant coordinator and with my doctor. 

Mostly Good News

Intrepid Walker with Flag in Head
The best part of the news is that we will likely be headed home next Friday -- June 10. We have no appointments with any medical personnel or scheduled tests until June 9, when a sort of final check will be done. If all is OK, we can leave.

My hemoglobin has stabilized and even rose from 10.3 to 10.4 without intervention. This is a good sign. They reduced my Prednisone dose to 5 MG per day, my insulin to 20 units per day, and my cyclosporin to 175 MG per day (from 200). My rash is still there, but seems to be getting a little better. Otherwise, I'm in pretty good shape for someone as delicate as I've become.

We tried to listen to instructions carefully, but after the words, "Release you to go home..." were spoken, it was hard to concentrate. I guess they are giving us a week to work it on our own and see if we can screw things up. If we manage not to mess with the important numbers, and I don't develop some new and interesting challege (like growing a second head), we should be ready to rock and roll Friday morning.

Days +0 -- +99

I started working on a special Google site to house all my previous journal entries from Day 0 to Day +99. The site is partially built, but I have a great deal of editing to do, and did not have much time today. (We returned to the transplant house at about 4:00 PM after much ado about refills at the world's slowest pharmacy...). However, once completed the archive will be accessible from my 100 Days Plus blog page. The site is called 99 Days Plus and may be found at:

Please note that it truly is under construction and revision and editing. 

Hanging on to one day at a time...

The surprise was clearly on my face...
Going home is exciting and wonderful and comforting AND not yet a fact. I've been living one day at a time for months now, and exciting possibilities threaten that attitude as much or more than worrisome ones about tests and outcomes. We may be going home on Friday, June 10, and the natural tendency is to begin living that reality, when it is not a reality, but only a possible future. One can forget to live all the days between now and then, feasting on expectation and fasting on experience. 

We have an entire week with no medical appointments ahead of us, and I intend to live each day of that week, as I have been doing since May 26, 2010, as though it were my last day on Earth. That doesn't mean I won't plan and get ready, but I plan to experience that time interval and enjoy living the journey to June 10. At least, that is my intent and will be the subject of my prayers.

I wrote a poem this afternoon about living one day at a time, called Banquet Without Price. It appears on my poetry blog at:

The sun is gone again and twilight is fading into night. Once again, I thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. Once again, I thank you for your cards, letters, e-mails, and calls. We hope to come home soon, but love to feast on those pieces of home you send our way.

God bless and good night,


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