Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +107

The intrepid packers spent most of the day pre-packing for Friday's journey home. Of course, we won't know for certain that we can leave on Friday until tomorrow afternoon, but there are too many papers, files, odds and ends, etc. to organize in one night. The only walking I did today was back and forth in our room, and up and down the stairs.

The weather here was more seasonal today, and only reached 90 degrees. Tomorrow's high is predicted to be 67 degrees. Cool.

My medical symptoms are stable and nothing untoward has occurred, so I am praying that tomorrow's numbers will free us to head back to Laurium on Friday morning. I plan to get some rest tonight and go to bed early, so we can get up a 5:00 AM to walk to Charlton Lab A when it opens at 6:00 AM, and so the results will be available to my doctors at consultation time.

The shadows are already long at my window, and I have more to pre-pack for the trip. I looked over the wonderful collection of cards, letters, photos, and postcards from all of you over the last five months. It was hard to just pack them for the crossing. I was tempted to re-read each one. Thank you all for your communications. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.

God bless and good night,


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