Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +113

They also serve who only stand and wait...

My Milton may be a bit rusty, especially his sonnets, but I remember that line. I am amazed at how well it applies to this week. I am waiting for the medical professionals to get things organized, so I know when I can be tested. I am waiting for my medications to arrive, either by mail or by UPS. I am waiting for a cloudy day, so I can go outside, and maybe go for a walk or mow some grass.

No voyage, just discovery...

Last night, I discovered a broken window in my basement that had to be patched. Lord only knows how long that hole was open. So far, I haven't found any critters in the house. I also found out that the network card in one of my computers was fried by the same thunderstorm that destroyed our router. Layer by layer, we're discovering where is the wear and tear from the last four and a half months.

About me...
I'm feeling OK and the rash is just there, though we both think it is less than before. That may be wishful thinking. Once the blood tests get set up, I'll find out if the rest of me is holding together. Of course, now that the Hickman catheter has been removed, they'll have to poke holes in my arm to get blood again. Meanwhile, I'm dutifully taking my medications and observing protocols. My blood glucose has decreased again, so I am only taking 16 units of insulin each morning. I hope that will continue down to zero in the near future.

We're still unpacking and organizing. Problem: I've been away long enough to forget where I put things and have to search my memory or search my house to find them. Simple things, like putting away the knives or finding a particular book take extra thought and a bit more time. Finding space for all the new paperwork, expense receipts, and medical records remains problematic. As usual, the devil is in the details.

However, despite all the frustrations, hassles, and tedium of it all, it is great to be alive and to be home.

Thanks to all who continue to send prayers and good thoughts.
Thanks to all who have sent welcome messages and phone calls.
Thanks to all who are just happy to see us...makes me feel great!

God bless and good night,


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