Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +104

Intrepid Walker

The intrepid walkers shuffled off to HyVee this morning for to gather some necessaries. It was very warm this morning, and by early afternoon, temperatures ranged around 85 degrees. The sky was cloudless, with a hint of humidity haze near the horizons. Small breezes stirred the air, but that's about all.

At the rate I've been using sunscreen, I think we should have bought the large, economy size...just's Vanicream Sunscreen and there is no economy size. Thank heavens it is a few pennies cheaper at WalMart.

I plan on living far, so good!

My medical condition seems stable, as far as we can tell. Tests will not be done until Thursday morning, so we watch the rash, wash the rash, wipe creams on the rash, and watch it some more. Because my blood glucose readings have been below 100 for two days, we are reducing my insulin injections from 20 units to 18 units, once per day. The change is most likely due to the doctor's reduction of my prednisone from10mg to 5mg daily.

Because of the heat, I decided to stay indoors and spend my afternoon writing. As I drifted near the point where I might just doze off as I did before, it dawned on me to talk about my dreams. But what dreams should I share?

Without the hammer...
I was thinking back a month or two this afternoon, to the time I was receiving higher doses of steroids and had to take what I called "the hammer" to get to sleep at night. Benadryl, lorazepam, and Ambien were the three parts of the hammer that let me finally fall asleep. The most interesting part of those nights were the dreams. It appears that Ambien (at least for me) brought the most outlandish, strange, and vivid dreams I have ever experienced. They were in Technicolor and surround sound. Of course, they were in 3-D...without the paper glasses.

Several were epic dreams...stories wherein I was the hero and won the day over enormous odds, usually by the use of secret knowledge and by tapping great power. One such dream was so vivid and memorable, I was able to tell it in a poem, called
Epic Dream, which I have posted to my poetry blog, Out of My Mind.

I pray the dark shadowy hounds of my dream never visit your dreams. I thank you for your communications, your prayers, and your good thoughts. I wish you sweet dreams all the nights of your life.

God bless and good night,


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