Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +114

Well, I planned to get some early exercise pushing my lawn mower about the yard, after we (my son and grandson were helping) spent some time last weekend getting it to run. However, the dependable little mower that has started every year for more than 30 years (usually on the first pull) won't start again. I wore out my energy reserves just yanking on the starter cord. Time for a bit more maintenance...

Testing starts...finally...

I was finally able to make arrangements to begin my blood testing locally, with results sent to my doctor at Mayo Clinic. The tests will be done tomorrow morning. I just feel more comfortable with recent and accurate test results in the hands of my doctors, so they can direct my use of medications and let me know if there are unseen (and usually un-felt) problems.

So far, no new major medical problems have occurred. We search for anything new and interesting on my skin, usually twice each day. Nothing has shown up, except for additional hair, often in places I never had hair before. It is a direct result of taking steroids and rubbing steroid cream on my skin. My hands have taken on a definite simian quality...long black hair on the knuckles, etc. I was happy to see the hair back on my head, but this is ridiculous.

There, and back again...

We will be headed back to Rochester, MN for a check up and more tests. The appointments are for July 7, so we will likely be leaving on July 6 and hope to be headed back on July 8. That, at least, is the plan.


Next week is car upgrade week. I have to put a couple of new all season radials on the old Focus and get the air conditioning fixed before we head back down south in July. The back tires on the little car were so worn, we were hydroplaning on the highway coming home last Friday. The snow tires currently on the front are not all that good for summer driving (we originally went to Rochester in January), and they are noisy on dry roads.

The meds are coming...

Finally, my necessary medications are arriving from the mail order pharmacy. I hope the refill process for those limited to 30 days will not be as onerous as getting started. Still, it is a pleasant thought that at least some of the medications arrived as 90-day supplies. Now, if I can just remember when to order refills...


Despite my kvetching, I am thoroughly enjoying the comfortably mundane, ordinary days at home. Each little problem, no matter how immediately frustrating, is a normal-sized challenge for any homeowner, and solutions are reasonable, if not inexpensive. For example, I spent several hours today, working on the companion site for 100 Days Plus, and will be an archive of the earlier journal entries. The archive site will be called 99 Days Plus. I am moving the existing text files into the framework and I am currently up to Day +36. My pace is still that of a tree sloth on Ambien, but it feels good to be creating something out on the Internet again.

The day has gone gray and twilight is on its way. The cards, letters, and messages we continue to receive are a blessing for us and brighten each day. Neighbors and friends have been extraordinarily kind and thoughtful. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. I know prayer is the power behind any progress I have made.

God bless and good night,


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  1. Thanks for the reminder about how great ordinary days really are. It's good to remember it again.