Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mick McKellar Update--Day +100

Intrepid Walker
 The intrepid walkers ventured into the bright sun and warm breezes this afternoon. We intended a short walk downtown and back, Marian in the full sun and old Darth Mick flitting from patch of shade to patch of shade. The plan fell apart when we reached Broadway and decided to walk south. About four blocks down, we crossed to a small plaza and access to a walkway along the Zumbro river.

As we meandered along the river walk, I could hear splashing water ahead. The west wall opened to reveal a mural with a small series of waterfalls. It was a complete surprise to us and a welcome break from the concrete and steel. The rest of the walk was pleasant, even though it was mostly uphill...

Day 100 Status

The first 100 days after a blood and marrow transplant are spent very near Mayo Clinic. It is considered the acute period for possible Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD) problems, required close monitoring and quick action. However, that does not mean that at Day 100, you get to go home. 

The walk along the Zumbro
We will be here for at least another week, primarily because of my ongoing battle with a GVHD rash and the mysterious murder of my red blood cells (hemolysis). Although my hemoglobin has stabilized, 10.3 is not a great number, and this after two units of  whole blood. The recalcitrant rash refuses to retreat completely and changes on a daily basis -- sometimes better, sometimes worse. 

I also have steroid-induced type II diabetes, and must test blood glucose and inject insulin each day. I'm down to only 10 MG of Prednisone each day and hope to get off both the steroids and the insulin ASAP.

Moving to a blog

I have been using my Midnight Poet mailing list to post these journal entries, both with and without poems. I still plan to post my journal entries, but on a blog site ( called 100 Days Plus -- Life after a blood and marrow transplant. I will send the link to the blog on my mailing list, whether or not I have a new poem to include. It will also make posting to Facebook much easier, with a simple link to click. 

The blog will allow me to include photos and additional references, as well as links to my poetry ( I am also working on including the text from my previous postings in an online archive, accessible from the blog site. 

The waterfalls at the Mural
A nice visit

Friends from home, visiting Mayo Clinic for tests, also visited with us this evening and took us to dinner in celebration of my Day +100. We had a great time catching up on what's been happening at home and enjoying a fine meal.  The restaurants in Rochester recognize immediately that anyone wearing a Darth mask needs relative isolation, and they find a nice corner booth or isolated table so that I can remove the mask long enough to eat. 

It was a nice end to a fine day. 

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