Monday, September 24, 2012

Mick McKellar Update -- Day +581


I hit the floor in the kitchen tonight...and I hit it hard. My right foot tangled in the cord from my headset on my computer, and tripped me up on my way into the kitchen. I stumbled forward, carrying a china dish and coffee cup. Somehow, I managed not to break either one, but landed on my left knee and left side — with my elbow tucked in close to help absorb the shock and stop my face from plowing into the vinyl flooring. I think I bounced at least once.

Normally, I would tuck and roll when falling forward, but there is so much breakable stuff in the kitchen and I didn't know where to tuck the coffee mug and plate. Because of the neuropathy in my feet and legs, I toppled like a hopping tree.

It seems, however, that the extraordinary density of my bones saved me once again, despite months of treatments with steroids and medications that tend to weaken them. My left knee works, although it hurts like the dickens. The left side of my chest is sore to the touch and it hurts some when I breathe, but there seems to be no bruising or discoloration. I'm hoping a pair of extra-strength acetaminophen tablets will permit some healing sleep tonight. Perhaps the light of morning will lend insight and help me judge the extent of my injury.

My condition, listed as CML, may now be defined as Clumsy Man (with) Leukemia.

God bless and good night,


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