Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mick McKellar Update -- Day +433

Home safely, but just barely. Our battle with GVHD continues, however we seem to be winning a skirmish here and there.  I remain on prednisone and the full panoply of medications to simulate an immune system. The side effects continue (moon face, hair loss, really bad temper, screaming munchies, tremors, muscle cramps, etc., etc., etc.) for the duration. On the plus side, my skin has improved, my numbers look good, my eyes have not worsened, and the GVHD patches in my mouth have not spread.

Though I grow weary of the battle from time to time, each sunrise is a wonderful victory and each new day a glorious gift from the grace of God. I am blessed.

Our old Focus was not so lucky. Sometime shortly after crossing the Mississippi River today, it tossed a brake pad from the left front disk brakes. I drove more than 350 miles, trying not to touch the brakes (metal against metal makes an awful sound) and searching for an open repair shop. We found not one. Our injured little car is resting peacefully in our driveway, where it will remain until we limp to the repair shop.

Meanwhile, I must get some rest. Nine hours of driving is a tough pill to swallow, even without the stress of trying to drive without using the brakes -- to limit the damage to the brake mechanism. Also, we will be without transportation for a few days. Well, the doctors said I need to get even more exercise...

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. I credit them with getting us home safely.

Good night and God bless,


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