Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mick McKellar Update — Day +430

We made it back to Rochester by late this afternoon and checked in at Gift of Life Transplant House (South) — the same place we spent our first 100+ days — back when I had my blood and marrow stem cell transplant (BMT). I'm here for blood tests, exams, and consultations, most of which happen tomorrow. One consultation takes place Friday morning, and we hope to head home on Saturday morning.

Walking, walking...

The intrepid walker (and sidekick) walked downtown tonight to grab a quick supper at Bilotti's Italian Village. It was a good thing we walked. I ate a 7 inch specialty pizza...all by myself. I needed the walk back to Gift of Life, just to work off some of that "OMG! I ate the whole thing!" feeling. Still, it had to be early — no candlelit, late dinners tonight — because I must fast after 7:00 PM (CDT) until my blood tests tomorrow morning. That always makes for a relaxed and fun-packed evening. Tonight, however, I shall simply rest and wait for the tide to go out.

Tomorrow — the Results Show

We have been battling the GVHD symptoms — using medications, creams, and even wet wraps to battle the "Rash Sinister." Tomorrow's blood tests and exams should provide some feedback on our success or failure of our campaign.

I will endeavor to report our progress (or lack thereof) as information becomes available. Meanwhile, we continue as before — one precious day at a time.

As always and ever, Marian and I treasure your prayers and good thoughts.

Good night and God bless...


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