Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mick McKellar Update -- Day +345

It seems that, despite my best efforts, the sinus misery and wracking cough terrorizing my friends and family, has taken up residence in my head and chest. Even my infamous Klingon sneeze has "beamed down" to visit on occasion. There is no temperature reached a maximum of 98.5 degrees F early this morning, and the cough disappears...sometimes for an hour or two at a time...only to return for no apparent reason.

Fountain of Phlegm...

However, I am duly impressed by how much nasal phlegm I can produce in a day. I am certain I must have emptied my head several times in the last eight hours. Oddly, my breathing is not blocked or restricted, however, like a leaky faucet...the dripping continues.

Marian is fighting it. Amanda is fighting it. Nearly everyone I have called or contacted is fighting some version of this nefarious nasal malady. Some are blaming it on the warm weather, activating molds and mildews that are normally dormant in cold and dry winter weather.

I have consumed a great deal of chicken soup and gallons of black tea, green tea, coffee, and water. Warm liquids seem to help with the cough, but also seem to stimulate the sinuses. Sleeping is difficult and often interrupted. Still, I am hoping to get it under control soon.

Editing again...

For the past week or so, I've been editing my poems into a single collection (or series of collections) to be stored (and backed up) in one location. I have also begun re-editing my first 100 days journal into a single e-book form. It is slow work, because I tire easily, but it feels good to finally organize it.

The biggest job will be my collected poetry. I finished 2005 and started 2004. I wrote and shared 106 poems each year, so there is plenty to review.

I had better get some shut eye, so it's off the bed. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. Good night and God bless,


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