Monday, May 26, 2014

Mick McKellar Update -- Day +1190

Today is a special day! I was diagnosed with leukemia on May 26, 2010. Today I become a four-year survivor! Woohoo!
An Unexpected Battle
About an hour and a half ago, I was busy changing the battery for the upstairs smoke alarm. Thoroughly disgruntled about prying open the device to end the “chirping” which began an hour earlier, I used my screwdriver to brush an errant lock of hair out of my right eye, not realizing that: 1 -- my hair is too short to get in my eye, and 2 -- my hair does not move by itself.

I glanced to the right, and hovering in front of my face was a humongous, black wasp -- slightly out of sorts about being “brushed off” my forehead. Being a level-headed and calm person, I raised my screwdriver to do battle with the belligerent bug. Somehow, I tapped him with the tool, and he landed on a bedroom door to get his bearings.

As a technical writer, I know the value of a well-written and handy instruction manual, so I grabbed one that happened to be on a nearby shelf and applied the entirety of the instructions to his situation. Overwhelmed by the impact of all that data, he retired from the battlefield with severe injuries. He later was lost in a whirlpool and is presumed to have drowned.


As I post this update, I realize I may have stayed out in the sun a bit too long yesterday. We were invited to a friend’s graduation party. Because my doctors granted permission to leave behind my cloistered existence on occasion -- and this being an occasion -- I ventured out into the brilliant, suddenly summer day to smile and mingle. I smiled (grimaced?) and mingled (talked incessantly) for a couple of hours, enjoying both the company and actual daylight.

However, my skin is telling me I may have overstayed in the warm sunshine, and will sleep tonight as extra-crispy Mick. There appears to be no sunburn, but very dry skin with a bit of a blush. As Marian is always saying, “Everything in moderation.”

I must remember that…

Good night, and God bless,


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